Selling or buying a home in charlotte nc is certainly a unique process. For many home sellers this process can be like a dance and maybe one never practice before. It’s easy to get your mind wrapped up in the shuffle of thing, allowing important details to slip. One aspect all sellers must consider is the appearance and “feel” of the home. Take the time to make some simple preparations before listing your home for sale. Here are a few areas to focus on.

Before you pick up a camera and start snapping pictures, a few things should be done to prepare the home. First, clean up and clear out any unnecessary clutter. This should be done in all parts of the home, from the magazines scattered across the coffee table to the hair in the drain of the shower. Cleaning off the finger marks around door knobs, dusting, and using storage organizer can make a big difference in your home’s look.

Well Lit Dinning Room With Connected Living Room.

Buyers need to feel good as they walk through their future home, the best realtors in charlotte NC understand this perfectly. You do not want them questioning the quality of the home because it appears messy on the surface. It’s easy to get comfortable after the first few showings and start to let things go but, this is a big NO NO! Make sure to keep up with your new, tidy home. Life is easier when you don’t have to rush home after work just so you can clean up for home buyers.

Aside from cleaning and decluttering, there are other great ways to transform your home to be more appealing to viewers. A fresh coat of paint on the walls is a wonderfully easy way to make a big change. Light, neural colors palettes are typically the best choice for a clean look. These colors will make it easier for buyers to image the home the way they would want it decorated. Light colors can also open up the space in a home and help rooms appear bigger.

Now that the home has been tidied up, you are almost ready to take pictures. Before you start, do a walk-thru to make finally adjustments. This includes lighting up the place by opening curtains and shades to allow natural light to enter. Filling the rooms of the home with plenty light will add to the illusion of it being bigger. Plus, many Charlotte home buyers will appreciate a glimpse of nature from within.

A professional charlotte real estate agency and brokerage or photographer can be hired for this next portion but you can save money doing it yourself. Just make sure all images are the best quality possible. To do this, carefully consider the angle and frame of each shot. Take duplicate photos in case one happens to be blurred or distorted. Some MLS listings will have a limit on the amount of photos that can be displayed. Make sure to review your photoshoot on a desktop computer or high quality display and pick the best of the best. It is also recommended that you arrange the photos in order as the areas would be seen walking through the home beginning with the exterior. The quality of these home photographs will greater influence the amount of showing request you or your realtor will receive, inevitably affecting the sale of the home. Some buyers may even place an offer solely based on the photos you present.

There is no need to stress after reading these tips. In fact, you should feel relief knowing home prep can be so easy. We are all our own persons though and if you are worried or have questions about the home selling process the best thing to do is call a trusted, local real estate agent. We recommend PURE Real Estate for those looking to sell or buy a home in Charlotte, NC. With their experience and extensive knowledge of the local market you have little to worry about when PURE Real Estate is on your side.

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