Annual A/C System Evaluation


There are lots of reasons your a/c must undergo a tune-up every year, although the majority of property owners are uninformed of how important this form of maintenance can be. Times when the summer months can bring extreme heat forces an air conditioning system to work around the clock. It is constantly better to have your unit prepared for that kind of work and here are some more reasons a tune-up is a sound investment.


Keeping you warm throughout the cold weather, Air Conditioner units gather an abundance of debris in its coils. Excessive particles can create issues with the functionality of a cooling system. The chill of winter can likewise take its toll on a system’s electrical system. A tune-up will clean out all the debris from the coils while also doing a complete check of the electrical system and other crucial parts

Conserve Money

Paying a bit of money for a tune-up could save you a lot of cash down the line. A tune-up will determine minor issues and correct them before they can snowball into larger, costlier problems. Something like a little leakage in a drainage line is a low-cost and quick fix, although if it is not corrected then it could cause a significant breakdown.


It is a tested truth that routine Air Conditioning service will increase efficiency and lower the expenses of cooling. The EPA even goes as far to suggest yearly tune ups for air conditioning units. This will likewise increase the overall life-span of a system and lengthen the time in which house owners need to consider a replacement for their Air Conditioning unit. The cash conserved in energy costs may even go beyond the expense of a yearly tune up.

Climate Control

The altering climate has actually led to higher temperatures on an annual basis. The state of North Carolina has been experiencing a consistent rise in yearly temperatures. In 2018, the average temperature level in the city of Charlotte saw a 3-degree increase than the previous 30-year average. There were more than 60 days with above-normal temperature levels in Charlotte in 2018 and that trend is not decreasing. More days with precariously hot temperature levels also cause A/C units to work overtime.

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