Our planet has undergone significant change in the last couple of years – from global warming to the COVID-19 pandemic, our day-to-day lives in general have undergone a sea change, to say the least. Given these changes, keeping our houses cleaner and germ-free has become as important as ever. Now this might sound extremely intimidating, but following some simple tips on a regular basis can help you keep your sweet home safe and free from pollutants and contaminants.

Clear up the bigger messes first

Before beginning the disinfection process, make sure to clean the biggest clutters and messes. For starters, you can pick the most obvious things that qualify as garbage and throw them out. You can then target other stuff that simply have no room in the house, such as pet refuse or spill outs or stray paper. Doing this will give you a much-deserved fresh start.

Choose your products

Choosing a disinfectant to clean your home may seem like a straightforward process, but it is rarely that easy. No two of these are the same – making it essential to see which one is good for you. Typically, you should look for one that has the EPA’s approval and the target a wide range of pathogens. Generally popular products include alcohol-based cleaners, peroxide and bleach. In case you are not sure about the right product for you, do not hesitate to speak with a cleaner, or even the health department near you.

Clean oft-touched surfaces thoroughly

Surfaces that are often touched, ones like switches, knobs and countertops tend to accumulate more dirt, dust and grime – making it all the more important to clear them regularly. Make sure to also wipe down electronic items such as keyboards, mice, computers and phones. Finally, finish your pending laundry and make a schedule to clear them out regularly.

Take care of the little things

While the big things matter the most, the little things often matter just as much – this includes things like lesser-used utensils, toys and toothbrushes, which can breed viruses and bacteria. Make sure to replace things like toothbrushes on a regular basis and also if someone at home gets sick. Utensils and toys, on the other hand, can easily be disinfected in the dishwasher, or with the use of chemicals like mouthwash or hydrogen peroxide.

Make a schedule

The process of disinfect is a chore like no other, and can consume a lot of time and encroach on your other duties. Setting aside some time and making a schedule to clean up can go a long way in getting the job done without making it too difficult. You can also make a plan that includes help from your family, making it lighter on everyone.

House disinfection is extremely important to keep you and your environment healthy and safe – no matter what the situation. By focusing on the big things, choosing your products carefully, cleaning more-touched surfaces, taking care of the little things and making a schedule, you can easily make your house pathogen-free.